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Vintage Restorations

Whether you're on a very tight budget, or simply prefer beautifully restored things over the shiny & new, Tamago offers a constant rotation of vintage city & road bicycles ranging from $100 to $500.

Custom Builds

So chuffed this year to offer frames from three wonderful makers: ENIGMA is an award-winning British manufacturer of titanium road bikes. Aside from the technical merit of their minimalist metalwork, what sets Enigma apart is the breadth of their finishwork options. Frames and components can be polished, brushed, anodized, and painted to any specification. If you can dream it, and it can be fabricated from steel, WATERFORD & GUNNAR can build it. These sibling brands mark their history to Paramount, and before that, Schwinn. Waterford's strengths draw from decades of experience in traditional road & touring bikes. Gunnar is much more foreward looking, offering compelling and affordable handmade allroad, gravel, and cyclocross bikes.